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5th Annual Spyders In The Hills

The 5th Annual Spyders In The Hills was held in Boerne, Texas, October 18th – 20th, 2018

By Bikernet


The 5th Annual Spyders In The Hills was held in Boerne, Texas, October 18th – 20th, 2018
The trike industry has been growing…a lot!  Physical limitations, i.e., sore backs, especially in the 'Graybeard club' continue to rise; so are potential ride-ending injuries sustained by U.S. military and First Responders. Bombardier, Can Am of Canada, has an established line of well-engineered great handling trikes (two wheels up front) to keep folks of all physical abilities ‘in-the- wind’ without the need for "boots-on-the- ground."  
My wife had been crippled with back pain from a collapsing spine and degenerating discs. Her ability to ride on two wheels came to a stop and after a fifteen year love affair, she handed down her V-Star 1100 to her daughter.  Two back surgeries later, #1, September 2016 at Cedars Sinai, Marina Del Rey CA failed in six months.  #2, January 2018, with 2 levels of artificial disc replacements & carbon fiber rods in Zurich Switzerland, is successful. She had purchased a pearl white full dress CanAm Spyder RTS in April of 2016.  After her second surgery she resumed riding again.  Her smile has returned and with her Spyder, she’s in the wind again and comfortable.  (Her walker was donated to Goodwill.)   
Since purchasing her ‘Spyder she’s wanted to attend a Spyder rally and she discovered a 3 day event in its fifth year in Boerne (pronounced Burn-nee) Texas, 30 miles west of San Antonio, "Spyders In The Hills (www.spydersinthehills.com)," sponsored by Boerne’s local CanAm dealer, "Coyote Powersports" (www.coyote-powersports.com).  (Coyote Powersports is owned by Jerry Hunter and his son, Tyler. Rocky Fulker is their Master certified Can Am technician – great support for riders! The event began Thursday, October 18th and ran through Saturday, October 20th, complete with specialized Spyder vendors, day rides through “Hill Country" and a grand finale “Road Warrior Awareness” parade on Main Street supported by the Kendall County Sheriff’s Department and event liaison, Deputy Kevin Klaerner.  My wife and I favor rallies that support America’s service members. What makes this event special is ALL money raised from SITH is donated to "Road Warriors" (www.roadwarrior.org) - a military charity that this year sponsored an 8 day, 2100 mile ride through five states for 13 veterans on donated Spyders, arriving in Boerne @ 1600 Saturday to lead Saturday's parade. Some of these vets had never ridden before.   
“All bikes welcome” at “Spyders In The Hills” so both of us registered on their website for $25 each. With bikes & Jeep in tow, we left Nashville in our motorhome not knowing what to expect. Three days later after navigating our rig through San Antonio traffic we pulled into an event recommended RV park, “Alamo Fiesta RV Resort” (www.alamofiestarv.com),  just off I-10 in Boerne.  After unloading our bikes and sticking Shasta Daisy in her T-Bag carrier on Debbie’s Spyder, we headed over to the “The Pavilion Event Center” on Johns Street, 10 minutes from our campground.  Old school Texas charm on Main Street in Boerne captured our hearts right away.  A little “Don’t Mess With Texas” pride, lots American and Texas flags and southern hospitality everywhere made us feel welcome. 
Unfortunately, the weather wasn't real cooperative.  It rained on and off ‘til Saturday, but biker spirits prevailed. Business as usual!  Rides in the area, plenty of donated door prizes with lots of quality vendors, i.e.,  (www.spyderpops.com), Squared Away Laser Alignment, Lite The Nite LED’s(www.litetheniteleds.com), RLS Exhaust (www.rls-exhaust.myshopify.com), Tattoo Your Ryde (www.tattooyourryde.com), Sue Hopper (www.signsandwondersbysue.com), Monica’s Monograms (www.monicasmonograms.net), The Bandana Stand (etsy.com/shop/thebandanastand), Tire Grafixx and Merlin’s Blood (www.merlinsblood.com), BJ’s Impressions, Lip Sense, First Manufacturing Leathers (www.firstmfg.com), Spyder Attic (facebook.com/spyderattic.com), Spyder Lyter Fred, A Long Came A Spyder Jewelry (facebook/along-came-a-spyder-jewelry), HWY Lady Bandanna Boutique (www.hwyladybandanas.com) and our friends from East Texas, Allen and Patti, at Diamond R Accessories installing their line of custom creations for Spyders.  There were also great food vendors including Crystal Knott’s “Slider Shack.” Crystal sold her Harley to set up a state of the art BBQ trailer and she traveled from Milwaukie WI to be there.  Organizers planning made for a great experience for all.  Registration numbers were approximately 300 and we met riders traveling from everywhere in the U.S. including Tom & Cheryl Miller who rode to the event from their home in North Carolina.  Riders not camping, had a selection of reasonable hotels close to the venue featured on the SITH’s website.  I am impressed by the “pitch-in” generous spirit of SITH’s staff, especially Diane Smith, without whose help I would have been short on facts.  Noteworthy is the all-volunteer rally staff each paid their individual registration fees to ensure plenty of money was raised for the Road Warriors charity.  
Saturday, October 20th was the final day of the rally with more vending opportunities (business was brisk) and camaraderie for patrons at the main venue, The Pavilion Event Center, and big time excitement started building with those already there for the arrival of the Road Warriors for their recognition parade on Main Street, along with final ceremonies and a Texas BBQ dinner at Northrup Park Pavilion, about a mile away from the rally venue. 
Diane Smith has let us know that Spyders In The Hills organizers are already planning 2019’s event and searching for a larger venue in Boerne.  We have no doubt that whatever’s in store for 2019 will be first rate.  We recommend this event to anyone looking to experience a family style Texas motorcycle event in a beautiful area that benefits our nation’s treasures.
Jeff Kraus, journalist



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