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850 Norton for Sale

An English Classic from 1974

By Wilburn Roach, MaryLou, and Wayne, the owner


Editor's Note: This is an interesting diversion. MaryLou Brewton flashed this for sale feature into the Bikernet Headquarters just before Christmas 2011. According to Hugo Wilson, Motorcycle Encyclopedia, Nortons were built prior to 1908 with Clement, Peugeot, and JAP motors. In 1908 they introduced their first production engine, a side-valve engine available in 490 cc and in a 633cc configuration in the near future. By 1974 the Norton motorcycle company was struggling. The 1973 MkI 850 was available with electric and kick starting capabilities. By 1975 the company was on the verge of bankruptcy, but production continued until 1977.

Here are some pics of my '74 850 Norton. It is for sale, my knee can't take the kicking (I was concerned about that while I was building it). I would appreciate it if you would pass it on if you know any conissours looking for a display piece or a daily rider.

Matt at Colorado Norton Works worked with me on it (they charge $23,500 to take one to this level). The customer supplies a good condition Norton. I got the ignition (Tri Spark from Australia) from them. I also received the Sparx 3 Phase alternator kit. They did the sealed bearing conversion and machine-show-polished both wheel hubs. They also did their oil tank modification.

Everything on the bike works perfectly and it does not leak oil (I know, hard to believe on a Norton). The motor and trans are recently broke in.

All of the pics are with the original wheels except the two close ups of the wheels (Rim was back-ordered for 5 months, just put the new wheels on).

The bike is full show quality. Every nut, bolt washer is stainless, and I removed all flaws prior to polishing. I wired the bike with aircraft tefzel wire, it is wired to mil spec level (even the toggle switches are hermetically sealed mil spec units).

There are "my" details all over. The paint is perfect. My painter did a stellar job. All aluminum and stainless is show polished. Motor, primary, trans is perfect. It is a 1-2 kicks cold start-up procedure. It fires first kick once it's warm.

It won best of show at the Bull City Rumble (150 bikes entered).. The bike has 6,300 miles on it, 150 since the restoration. The price is 13K (what I have in it not counting my 250 hours of labor).





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