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Autocycle Trends, Regulations, Laws and You

Either Federal or State laws, we need Autocycles

by Ujjwal Dey



People frequently ask the question “How will the new Autocycles be registered in my state?” For example, the Elio will be registered as either an autocycle or a motorcycle. Many States allow Polaris Slingshot riders to use motorcycle license to ride. If you’ve been following the lawmakers, you know that every manufacturer, brand and dealer has worked with state legislatures to ensure that Autocycle owners will not need to wear a helmet in their fancy three-wheeler and drive their Vanderhall or Slingshot or Elio with their standard driver’s license. Below are two updated maps.

In terms of the autocycle designation, at least 31 states have defined an “autocycle.” It is not necessary to have the “autocycle” designation in each State, however, there are currently two bills in Congress to make the autocycle designation Federal. As American three-wheeler brands continue to make progress on the legislative front, we will update the news to keep you informed.


The True Impact of Manufacturing

It goes without saying that an American manufacturing renaissance can pay immediate dividends. An investment in the production of goods at home will inevitably improve the national economy. The creation of American jobs and goods can also have an enormous impact on smaller American cities as well and in a wide variety of ways. A headline from the Decatur Daily reads “Officials say area should see immediate benefits from auto plant.” The article points out that an auto plant will create local jobs, while also making the area more attractive to automotive suppliers, which will create even more new jobs. Additionally, the taxes generated by these new jobs will aid the growth of the community. Elio Motors looks forward to doing the same in Caddo Parrish, Louisiana.

Auto Financing: Stuck in Neutral

The internet has left an indelible mark on the way we purchase just about anything. At the stroke of a finger, consumers can instantly compare prices and products and make sure they are making the most informed purchase.


According to Dealer Marketing Magazine, the automotive industry still has some work to do, especially when it comes to financing. “It’s been more than two decades since the last technology-driven shift in financing and lending behavior, back when the internet offered consumers the option (and power) of financing a vehicle online. Although much has changed, recent consumer experience surveys show that auto lending has stayed stuck in 2004, walking through sand traps of slow adoption and antiquated systems. It doesn’t take artificial intelligence to understand that we can do much better—that we must do better.”

The article recognizes that the automotive industry can use both digital and brick and mortar stores to best serve their customers. Ultimately, the best car buying experience utilizes both new technologies and tried and true dealerships. Elio Motors plan on letting customers purchase and finance on their own terms. This will include online, at a kiosk at one of our retail centers, or through an informative and friendly Elio Motors representative.

State level legislations

January 2018, a bill was proposed by Senator Dave Miramant which would create an autocycle designation for autocycles in the state of Maine.

The proposed bill would define autocycles and allow drivers to drive autocycles with their regular driver’s license. According to Senator Miramant, “Although there has been proposed Federal legislation to deal with autocycles, there has been no action at this point.”

 “We shouldn’t rely on Washington to get this done — other states are moving forward with their own common-sense regulations and we should be doing the same here in Maine.”


Practical Benefits of Autocycles and why Government should back autocycles

Gas Prices- Autocycle owners can enjoy the benefits of cheap gas prices and not worry about its likely rise. Historically, gas prices have been notoriously volatile. When gas prices eventually begin to creep back up, owners of trikes and autocycles will be more than ready to cope with it.

Reliability- According to Edmunds, the average price of a used car is a shade over $19,000. Many used car buyers are looking for a more reasonable deal, but these transactions typically include the caveat of “buyer beware.” Popular Autocycles however, will cost less compared to new or the average used car and include a 3-year, many-mile bumper-to-bumper warranty.

New Tech- It’s been proven that option packages are profit centers for car dealers and a source of frustration for car buyers. Not only that, but these option packages are rarely subject to upgrade, so the newest tech is unattainable after the vehicle is purchased. Autocycle brands and Custom built autocycle owners can bring back their vehicles to a dealer or approved custom services provider to add new tech to their vehicles a la carte. This way, you won’t need to buy a new vehicle to keep up with new technology.

Regardless of how you view the future, we think that the Autocycle is both exciting and practical. We think that Autocycles can be the best of both worlds.



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