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Barcelona on a URAL

Fall in love with Barcelona cruising on our classic sidecar motorcycle

Triking Viking


Fall in love with Barcelona cruising on our classic sidecar motorcycle – a personal, exciting and utterly unique journey into the heart and soul of this unforgettable city.

Hop in our sidecar and ride with the wind, twisting and turning the picturesque backstreets and the majestic avenues. Your private guide & driver is a local, an ambassador and your next new friend: eager to share his passion and wealth of local knowledge all around the architectural treasures, the genuine Mediterranean lifestyle and our best kept secrets, unknown to the regular traveller.

The driving is slow paced and absolutely safe – with plenty stops along the way. Each sidecar motorcycle has room for two passengers and your private guide, hence our Barcelona sidecar tours are personal, private and fully tailored to meet your personal expectations.

Our sidecar tours are a premium experience ideal for couples, families and very small groups (up to 8 people), according to your expectations and interest you can pick the tour that suits you best. In addition, your private guide will start your sidecar tour with a brief conversation and tailor your Barcelona city tour just right for you.

For a fully custom made experience or a last minute booking (within 1 day), contact us



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