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Bonneville 2012 Effort


Hang on! We're taking two bikes, maybe three to Bonneville for the Bub's 2012 International Speed Trials. We got our asses handed to us in 2010, but we learned a few new ropes and rules, and we're headed back with a vengeance.


The 124-Inch 5-Ball Raycer

Our Bonneville dedicated 5-Ball Raycer is powered by a Randy Torgeson- prepared, high-performance, 124-inch turbocharged twin cam engine. Our power booster is an Aerocharger Series 66, built by TurboDoc in Salt Lake City, Utah. It?s a variable vane exhaust-driven turbo that feeds air, passing through the inner-cooler/ice chest, and the air plenum, into a 62mm HPI throttle body, a polished intake manifold, and a set of free breathing Stage 5 R&R Cycle Billet heads. R&R rollers open the high flow valves, S&S .640 lift gear-driven cams and finally out to the salt through a one-off Tedder-built exhaust system.

Rick Tedder out of Salem, Oregon is modifying and building a one-off frame that was conceived and engineered by Jim Bartlett in Beaverton, Oregon. We will be prepared and eligible to enter one or all of the following classes. Ya never know what might happen.
3000 cc  A-PBG record 146.246
3000 cc A-PBF open
3000 cc APS-PBG record 167.069
3000 cc APS-PBF open

We're after red hats and a membership in the 200 mph club

Flat Out Flip Flat Out

1940 45 Flathead Bonne Belle

We are working with Lee Clemens of Departure Bike Works, our engine builder, and Paughco on an all-new Bonne Belle Chassis. This 45 flathead will have a K-model top end, a 5-speed transmission, classic Performance Machine wheels and brakes, and a Spitfire slim as silk fuel container.

The Bonne Belle will be ridden by Australian award winning tattoo artist, Nicole Brosing. This woman welds, wrenches, and is brilliant. Let's see if she can ride on the salt.

This bike will be capable of competing in the following classes, some of which we haven't figured out yet. We're not sure if we?ll get cut some slack for running a flathead, so we reached out to Drew Gatewood, a AMA, Bub official:

The AMA class(es) your machine would fit into are as follows.
Plus, the same engine classes with APS

There is currently no allowance for larger displacement with a flathead engine according to the AMA supplemental rules (e.g.- 750 flathead in the 500 classes).
--Drew Gatewood

It's going to be tough on the 45. We need that puppy to beat 150 mph records. We're sure to stumble into a surprise or two as the year unfolds. You'll see it all come together on Bikernet.

Flat Out