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Event Coverage

Event Coverage

We're packin' it up and hittin' the road to bring you all the latest rallies and happenings around the globe.

Three-Dom Bike Show at The Buffalo Chip August 7, 2018

Trikes from all over the country gather at the Chip for a unique three-wheeled show

By Ronda Griffith
Being asked to represent Bikernet.com at this event was an incredible honor. I’ve been riding for 20 years now and have worked for my home dealership, Buddy Stubbs Arizona Harley-Davidson for 13 of those years. My husband also rides and was at the Buffalo Chip emceeing the Crossroads stage that week.
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We slipped in a Couple of Earlier Daytona Offerings

By Bandit with Photos from Edge and Jack McIntyre
Another wave is crashing over the bike crowd lining the streets of Daytona, Trikes. I’m watching the trike action grow ever since attending a SmokeOut run starting with the Long Road in New Orleans about five years ago.
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Can-Am Spyder celebrates 10th Anniversary

Riders of Spyders come out to nest with the best

by Ujjwal Dey
Innovation, entrepreneurship, technology, adventure, comfort, safety – et al is encompassed by the image of the Can-Am Spyder on the roads. Spyder riders had an awesome time at the Spyder 10th Anniversary Homecoming event in Quebec this past weekend. BRP hosted nearly 3,000 Spyder owners.
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Ride Red Rock Canyon & the Valley of Fire

STORY Gary Koz Mraz AKA The Triking Viking PHOTOS Ron Sinoy
Las Vegas is gambler’s paradise to tourists worldwide but Vegas also serves up winning rides for us motorcyclists; showing its hand with crimson hues of Red Rock and snow covered mountains of Mt. Charleston, to the vibrancy of the Valley of Fire. Rolling into sin city on a Harley-Davidson Ultra Classic Champion conversion, this Triking Viking dominates the strip.
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Long Beach Grand Prix Goldwing Trike

Fast Agile and Beautiful

Toph Bolivar
This morning while attending my Chilean Chihuahua Champions Challenge on the Concourse I caught a glimpse a passing white blur. This bolt of white lightning was on the Grand Prix of Long Beach racetrack dressed to kill on, get this, a white Goldwing Trike. Yep- all 1,800cc's of Six-cylinder Japanese technology mated to a Champion Trikes Independent Rear Suspension setup. I was lucky enough to snap...
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David Mann Chopperfest 2011

PAYING RESPECTS TO THE MANN from dual contributors

By Krylon John and Mike Pullin, with stellar photos by Vicki
The spirit of David Mann, and his many contributions to the biker lifestyle lives on at Chopperfest held every December in Ventura, California, since 2004. Now heading towards its 9th annual celebration the event will once again return to the Ventura County Fairgrounds adjacent to the glistening shores the Pacific Ocean.
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Lone Star Rally Roundup

Rigid Frame Richard Finally Found His Way Back From The 10th Lone Star Rally

Disclaimer - Can it really be considered late if I got it done in the same month? I had ventured off to the runways of Milan to try my hand at shooting some high fashion. OK so maybe it was the runways of Cut-N-Shoot but still...   Every year as the days get shorter and the air tu...
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Spreading the Love for Autism Speaks

Photos and text mostly by Bikernet Betsy Huelskamp
Love Ride 2011 Returned to Lake Castaic and battled against the notorious Interstate 5 Freeway.
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