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Hot-rod heartthrob : Campagna V13R

Get a Ride to Thrill Your Senses

by Ujjwal Dey



If you have been on a motorcycle and wondered if you could just get closer to the rubber and tar and still enjoy a safe smooth ride then V13R is a trike that will make the dream come true. This is like having your own Formula One vehicle which is street legal and allows you to burn rubber like your motorcycle. The heart of this hot rod is a Harley Davidson V-Rod engine. The soul is the design unique to Campagna.


We covered the BMW engine Campagna T-Rex here earlier:




Similar to the T-Rex, the V13R has a two-passenger cockpit where your partner sits next to you as if in a convertible sports car. Behind your seat is a 1250cc v-twin supplied by Harley-Davidson with the same Porsche designed Revolution engine that powers the VRSC "V-Rod" family of choppers. It fires at 125 horsepower and 85 lb-ft of torque through a custom five-speed sequential manual transmission to a single, belt-driven rear tire. This engine is oil and water cooled. It costs $53,999 and upwards as per your customization choices.



For that price tag you get a modern design roadster styling with laminated fiberglass body panels. It has a unique and distinctive look that will get you attention on any road. It is like one of the past Formula One cars you see in black and white photos with a new futuristic parts in place. There is an integrated cargo space in the front which is removable to carry. A small glove box near your passenger gives additional space. You can opt for sidecases for additional storage which can be locked and also are portable like carrying a briefcase of your belongings into the next hotel room you check in. The instrument cluster is digital and analog. Just absolutely nothing cluttering up your dashboard gives you a get in and go racer hotrod style experience. The steering wheel is detachable. Getting in is easier that T-Rex because V13R has no roll-cage above the seats. Getting out may need some agility on your part. There is plenty of leg room and no problem with headroom as in T-Rex.



The Mono coil over shock rear wheel is a beauty. It is a belt driven rear wheel. There is a lever near the gear control which allows a mechanical reverse gear for this trike. The five speed transmission is smooth with a top speed of 122 miles per hour for its 525 kg body weight. The fuel tank of 32 litres offers long drives into the highway. V13R has a turning radius of 11.75 m. There is no ABS however and you don’t feel the need for it. The standard brakes works based on the amount of pressure you apply on the brakes. There is a hand brake in there as well.


Campagna Motors offers a One year or 20,000 KM Warranty on V13R. All the engine parts are sourced directly from Harley Davidson USA.



Distinctive American V-Twin engine sound is ultimately the best selling point of the V13R. It roars and with custom exhaust you will get noticed a mile before you arrive. The unique Harley Davidson engine sound commands attention and respect as you hurtle down the streets as if you are playing a video game that transmutated into exciting reality. Each V13R ride offers you a high revving engine like on a motorcycle. This also makes V13R ideal vehicle for cruising.



V13R was launched in 2011. Now the 2017 editions are truly upscale and upmarket. They scream style and power. Its competitors are the Polaris Slingshot and fellow Canadian CanAm Spyder. However, your choice may narrow down to V13R if your heart beats for a V-Twin experience and you want the swagger of James Bond and Ethan Hunt. Harley Davidson’s own Freewheeler is a different class of trikes and may not feature in your shortlist based on the look and seating you choose for your Trike. 



Your V-Twin experience is enhanced by the sound created behind your seat as you race down the highway with the wind in your face and legs stretched out front. Cooling is provided by a large car radiator. Just four and half inches off the ground, you feel one with the twists and pace of the road ahead. Potholes or bad roads are not punishing but you do feel the road as you would on a motorcycle. Push the gear lever forward to downshift and towards you to upshift. Neutral is between first and second gear. The entire body panel is made from fiber glass and handling the vehicle is easy due to this lightweight feature. Between the driver and passenger seat headrests is a vent that further allows cooling of the machine parts.


Again the biggest market for these expensive thrill machines is not USA but overseas market for Campagna. Middle East and Japan lead the biggest demand for Campagna Motors. It is definitely a lifestyle product and not meant as a replacement for your car or motorcycle. Trikes attract a different mindset and this one is a hotrod heartthrob to admire.



Fuel your passion and drop us a note at wayfarer@bikernet.com on the Trikes you have tried and enjoyed. Await more road stories and tech specs on trikes we love.




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