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I recommend changing the stock auto chain adjuster that comes in:



I recommend changing the stock auto chain adjuster that comes in 2006-Later Dyna and 2007-Later Softail / Touring Harley Davidson motorcycles. The reason I do is because myself and others have had issues with the adjuster making the chain to tight and causing damage to the inner primary bearing.


The manual style adjuster has worked for a very long time with no problems and it allows the chain to be adjusted to the proper 5/8-7/8” (cold) free play. Even though the Attitude Chain Adjuster comes with good instruction I recommend having a Harley Shop Manual for the motorcycle you are working on.


Remove the Main Fuse and then the battery ground cable, drain the primary fluid and remove spark plugs.



Remove the floorboards on left side of motorcycle and the outer primary cover. There will still be oil in the primary after draining so make sure drain pan is long enough.


Place a locking bar between the teeth of the engine sprocket and the clutch basket. NOTE: Do NOT use a wedge to lock chain with an automatic chain adjuster. Remove the engine sprocket nut. In some cases you may need to use a propane torch to heat the nut and loosen the locktight.



Slide the engine sprocket and chain off shaft as far as it will go.



Remove the stock auto tensioner. Use a 5/16-8 tap to clean the holes the bolts came out of.


Slide the Baker Chain Adjuster into the primary, add Blue Thread Lock on the provided 5/16-18 X 2” Hex Head bolts and Torque to 220 in-lbs.



Clean the sprocket bolt and tap the hole it came out of.



Using Red Thread Lock on the bolt threads install the compensator sprocket assembly and tighten to specifications in the service manual. I mention this because Harley made many changes to the Torque Specifications during the years.


Adjust the primary chain to 5/8” -7/8” upward free play (Cold). Rotate the engine using the sprocket nut and check the free play in different spots. When you are satisfied that the chain has the correct adjustment torque the 3/8” Nylock nut to 21-29 ft-lbs.


Install the outer primary and torque bolts to specifications in factory manual. Use the correct amount of primary for a cover that had been removed.

Re-assemble the rest of the motorcycle and head out for a ride knowing you have corrected something that could have caused you some big problems if not taken care of.

Ride Safe, Rogue 



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