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Klock Werks Kicker Amp And Speaker Kit

Kickin Up The Volume!



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I have had a Klock Werks Amp and Speaker Kit in my 2009 FLHTC for quite some time and am very happy with it. On more than one occasion I have people ask me about it. One was my friend Danny Seybold and he asked me to install one in his 2013 Harley Trike.


The really nice thing about this kit is that it comes with everything you need including some good detailed instructions.


Start off by protecting painted surfaces. Remove the main fuse as a safety precaution before removing the battery ground cable. On 2009 and later models it will be easier if you remove the two T40 bolts and the ECM and tray.


Remove the three fasteners holding the windshield, remove and place in a safe place. Remove the four T27 fasteners holding the outer fairing to the inner, disconnect headlight and remove outer fairing.


 Unplug the wires from both speakers and the three T25 fasteners that secure the speakers to the inner fairing.

 Separate the stock speakers from the stand-off. It is a snap fit and replace with the new speakers making sure the terminals are on the top side. Install grill and Kicker emblems and re-install speakers.


 Disconnect the radio harness and antenna from the radio. Remove the two screws from the top of the radio chassis.

 Fasten the amplifier to the supplied bracket with the connector side to the left side of the motorcycle and making sure all wires are out of the way slide the amp bracket over the radio and engage tabs on amp bracket with the rubber grommets on the radio. Re-install the T20 fasteners removed earlier.


 Plug the wiring harness into the amplifier and attach wires to speakers and original harness. Locate the headlight harness and remove the red cap from the Orange/White wire making sure it is fully engaged. Place heat shrink on Blue wire to reduce the risk of a short.

 Remove fuel tank and then the electrical caddy lid. Route the power harness down the left side of the motorcycle back to the seat area. Connect the red wire with the fuse to the positive battery terminal and the black to ground. Heat shrink Blue wire as this is only used if using another amplifier.


Klock Werks recommends setting the dip switches on the right side of the amplifier to 1- Auto turn-on-12V, – 2-Input Level – HI, – 3 –HI-Pass- OFF, - 4-Input Gain Control follow instructions in owner’s manual. This is an adjustment done with a small screw driver to get optimum volume and clarity.


 Disconnect negative battery cable and re-assemble motorcycle per shop manual instructions. Pay Attention To Procedure and Torque Specifications.

 It was decided earlier that we would also install a Klock Flare Windshield and after installing headlight connector the outer fairing was put in place and the four lower fasteners installed and tightened but not torqued. Install the new windshield taking care to carefully align the two outer holes. Using one of the New Klock Werks New Windshield Trim we installed the two outer screws half way and gently pulled the windshield down and into place and installed that screw.

Since the fairing was off (Not Necessary If Just Installing a New Windshield) torque the four lower screws to 20-30 inch pounds in an X pattern. Torque the three screws under the windshield to 25-30 inch Pounds.

 For more information on these items and other Klock Werks products go to http://www.kustombaggers.com/kustomcycles.htm


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