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Paughco Trike Conversion Kits for Sportsters

These Awesome Do-It-Yourself Bolt On Sportster Trike Conversion Kits Will Give Your Sporty A Lease On Life

By Bikernet Trikes


Paughco’s new Trike Conversion Kits have got to be the coolest thing to hit the industry since Capt. America. Seriously, Paughco has made converting your Sportster from 2-wheels to 3, a simple, do-it-yourself proposition that is certainly going to evolve into a whole new trend in chopper design and styling. 

While the company will be offering these bolt together tike kits for most popular H-D models they are currently shipping the custom swingarm and rear axle pieces required to make the Sportster conversion. 

Both of these components bolt directly in place of the stock swingarm assembly and utilize the stock belt or chain, depending on model. Once fit all you have to do is add your choice of GM 5 x 4.75 bolt pattern wheels and tires and you’re set. 

The rear axle assembly features a 70T 1 ½” wide belt pulley or 51T chain sprocket, brake rotors, chrome 4-piston calipers and limited slip differential. Overall width, as shown, with wheels and tires is 49” and stock shocks  bolt directly to the new swingarm and OEM shock mounts. 

Rear axle assemblies are finished in black powder coat and the swingarms are shipped raw steel. Paughco Trike swingarms are offered for XL models 1986-2010 and the axle assemblies can be ordered for both chain and belt applications. Call Paughco for details prior to ordering at 775-246-5738. www.paughco.com.



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