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Progressive Laconia Motorcycle Week Is A Family Tradition

This year marks the 95th Laconia Motorcycle Week, a tradition that has piled up a lot of stories and interesting characters along the way

By Bikernet Trikes


This year marks the 95th Laconia Motorcycle Week, a tradition that has piled up a lot of stories and interesting characters along the way. None more so than Lance Blais, whose first visit to the event was way back in 1952. Excuse him for not remembering the occasion, as he was just a toddler, arriving in the sidecar of his father’s motorcycle. As one of nine children (count them: Linda, Larry, Lance, Lauren, Lee, Lon, Luke, Landon and Lisa), Lance and his family have been back every year since, apart from the occasional war (Lance joined the military in 1966). With the addition of each new family member, the sidecar simply got bigger and bigger, Lance recalling a story where the trip to Laconia during a rainstorm forced 2 stops along the way. One to poke holes in a shower curtain that served as their poncho, the other to punch a crowbar through their sidecar to drain out the accumulating rainwater. Ask Lance about his experience at Laconia Motorcycle Week and he’ll never run short on colorful tales of his family’s adventures. They were a staple at the rally, winning “Best Dressed” awards, nine years in a row, for their colorful, matching outfits.
“People think that riders are a specific type of person, they’re not. Riders at Motorcycle Week come from all walks of life; rich, poor, doctors, lawyers and, like me, a baker.” It’s true, Laconia Motorcycle Week attracts all kinds with a shared passion for motorcycles and riding. The event has something for everyone, hill climbs, races, live music, incredible vendors and tons of riding opportunities in one of the most scenic regions of New England. 
But take it from Lance who says, “Motorcycle Week is a place to be yourself. Your expression is in your bike and the way you dress. I choose patriotic colors because I’m proud to be a veteran. It makes me happy when people stop and take notice. It’s a place to be noticed and share a little camaraderie with others that want to have a good time in a special place like the Weirs. People know me here. I started out coming with 8 brothers and sisters. Now my family includes all these people here and it makes me smile.”
Laconia Motorcycle Week gives great appreciation to all of our sponsors, especially our
Presenting Sponsors: Progressive, AMSOIL, American Iron Outfitters and AARP as well as the State of New Hampshire for their large financial support of our rally each year.
Ride Safe and Keep Away from the Centerline! 
Make sure you watch the video here to hear more from Lance himself. 


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