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Custom Built For Her

STAFF and Buckshot


When "Reggie", (Regina Cake) got paralyzed in 2007, she thought she'd never be able to ride again. Paralyzed from above her waist down on the left side, it was impossible to balance her bike, or shift it. 

She and her husband Buckshot discussed several options, and he promised her that she would ride again no matter what he had to do, or invent. He bought a Champion trike conversion kit (No H-D trikes back then) and converted her Heritage, and on Thanksgiving day, 2007, she rode the trike up the street for the first time. 

Her right leg works, so he moved the shifter to the right side, built folding arm rests to hold her in place, and a carrier for her wheelchair. It's undergone a constant series of upgrades and changes to make it more user friendly for her, and she rides it all the time. 

They went to Sturgis in 2012, and she's ridden in most of the western states. Her trike won Best of Show, People's Choice, at the 2012 Easyriders show in Sacramento, First place in the open class at Arlen Ness' show in 2010, and lots of other awards. 

The pink trike is probably one of the most photographed bikes around, and always gathers a crowd. They parked in front of the Murphy's Hotel during the Frog Jumps one time, and immediately a crowd gathered to take pictures and talk to her. Arlen Ness, who's a good friend, jokingly told her "hey, Reggie, park that darn thing down the street, nobody's looking at mine!" 

Another time, they were riding in Yosemite with a friend, and stopped at a scenic overlook to take a picture. She didn't know it at the time, but an entire bus load of tourists were ignoring Yosemite to take HER picture!

She never gave up. 


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Outstanding couple.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

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