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Readers' Stories

The V-Twin Monologues

A new take on that change of life

Molly Ann Kight, Arroyo Grande, California
When a woman becomes a biker, she undergoes a change in her way of thinking. Reading numerous bottles of shampoo, wrinkle creams and many fashion magazines has taught us to speak in a seemingly foreign language to many men. However, when a woman becomes a biker it begins to bridge the communication gap between the sexes.
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Frankenstein Trikes: Time Traveler-1977

Frankenstein Hot Rod Trikes

  It’s September, 1977, a beautiful Indian summer day. After an anxious wait I have just picked up the Trike from the painter. I immediately drive to Lisa’s house. I slide to a halt in her gravel driveway, with an aggressive wick of the throttle the short pipes scream and I get her attention. Lisa swings open the screen door and skips across the porch while putting on...
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