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Rewaco Trikes has a new US importer

Rewaco plans big for USA, relaunches US Operations

by Ujjwal Dey



Rewaco Trikes is clearly the choice of Trikes on both sides of the pond, in Europe and USA. They have a huge following in Australia as well. As we mentioned in our earlier feature article on Rewaco, they are a dream come true for Trike enthusiasts who want to just visit a shop, pay and ride. While Custom Culture is what built the Trike industry in America, all major companies such as Harley-Davidson, Polaris, BRP, Can-Am and others have seen and grabbed the Trike opportunity with successful three-wheeled models released every year.


Rewaco, however, seems to be the most popular and highest selling ready to ride Trike there is in North America. Every customer of Rewaco you will talk to will praise the design, power and comfort and of course the incredible pricing they offer. They are as yet unmatched in traditional Trike competition. Plus, Rewaco Trikes are so cleanly made, you can easily customize it and add after-market goodies to build a monster touring Trike.



Effective immediately, Club Rewaco USA is the official general importer for the US market, and will be the first point of contact and supplier for all of Rewaco's products.


Located on the legendary Route 66 near Oklahoma City and managed by Goose and Lizzie Reed, also known as the "Geese". The Reed family runs a successful business in Clubriders USA and have more than 38 years of experience in the Powersports industry.


Club Rewaco USA is focused on the national dealership development for Rewaco Trikes throughout the United States and provides nationwide sales and service thanks to its central distribution center.



Harald Schmitz, CEO of Rewaco Trikes announced: "In Club rewaco USA, we have found a reliable partner with a close relationship with our products. This allows us to expand our brand in the US market."


Rewaco is an exceptional German company and claims to have the “World’s Best Touring Trike." As they proudly advertise, "German Engineering built for American Roads."


All Rewaco USA Trikes come standard with:

Anti-lock braking system (ABS)

7-gear Automatic Transmission

Music system with loud speakers



Goose Reed of Club Rewaco USA has already setup Authorised Rewaco Dealers at:

Yukon, OK

Oklahoma City, OK

Jasper, IN

Tremont, IL

Houston, TX


Interested Dealers can apply for Dealerships directly with Goose by filing up the online contact form or just call him at: +1 833-3-REWACO



Club rewaco USA

(Corporate Headquarter, Route 66)

829 W Main Street

Yukon, OK 73099, USA



Meanwhile, YOU JUST GOT TO SEE the Club Rewaco VIDEO set to the music of METALLICA at their new website: http://clubrewacousa.com/


Riding Trikes for long distances wears on the body. Rewaco engineers claim to not only make the best running and best looking trike, they also make the most comfortable trike there is.


Rewaco USA is going all out in building Brand Rewaco Trikes. Your humble Bikernet reporter predicts that Goose will bring in a Lifestyle element which unites Rewaco Owners across USA to form a true Club Rewaco. A Trike for family, friends, fun, adventure.

Already Rewaco has dozens of Events and Tours in Europe for quite a few years. Expect to experience the same now in America. 


If you own a Rewaco, reach out to me at wayfarer@bikernet.com and tell us your story.



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