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We slipped in a Couple of Earlier Daytona Offerings

By Bandit with Photos from Edge and Jack McIntyre


Another wave is crashing over the bike crowd lining the streets of Daytona--Trikes. I’m watching the trike action explode ever since attending the SmokeOut action-packed event starting with the Long Road run from New Orleans about five years ago.

We picked up a couple of Victorys at a power sports dealer in the rural outskirts of town. I cornered a sales guy while admiring a touring trike. He said daily folks roll into their dealership on big dressers and shift to three wheels.

“They are concerned about if their bikes go down. They can no longer lift the monsters.” Some were also looking for additionas touring capacity, safety, handling and long distance comfort.

I’ve watched the trike market explode since then with Can Am leading the pack following V8 Trikes, which were around since the mid ‘80s. But Can Am created a shift from monsters to a sportier trike configuration.

But now we have Frankenstein Trike kits to convert any scooter into a traditional trike and Paughco builds trike kits to do the same to any Harley. Add to that the production models from Lehman, Champion, Polaris, Campagna and Vanderhall and something big is happening.

Since the SmokeOut Long Road Run from New Orleans to RockingWorld, South Carolina through five states I’ve monitored the trike industry and watched it grow.

Daytona this year and last was no exception. With the help of Edge, the Supreme Commander of the SmokeOut, we captured the Trikes of the Daytona Boardwalk Show.

Our Bandit’s Cantina co-editor runs crews of photographers at events all over the country. He dug into his inventory of shots from Bike Week this year and last to help us build the Trikes of Daytona Bike Week.

Enjoy the ride, the variety, the expansion, the custom touches and the girls.

Let me know if you’d like me to add anything to this coverage or if you have a trike for addition or a feature. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Bikernet Trikes at Bandit@Bikernet.com.





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