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TRIKES.bikernet.com News Update

Make American Trikes GREAT Again

by Ujjwal Dey



Make American Trikes GREAT AGAIN

Campagna Motors is approaching the finish line! With a US-based company they plan to do the following:

1.     Develop and manufacture a new, more affordable Campagna vehicle for the US at a $30K price point

2.     Build a network of 100 dealers and service partners across the USA

3.     Includes opening a flagship store and 40 more dedicated to the sales, service, and rental of Campagna Motors trikes and 60 franchise stores located in key territories



If you believe in Kickstarter projects and have the belief and cash to make dreams come true, then this is your chance to be part owner of an awesome automotive revolution. This is your opportunity to invest in Campagna Motors USA from the very beginning and set your stake in the future of the burgeoning trike industry.  





Polaris Slingshot takes on the 2017 Race of Champions at Miami, Florida.

On January 21 and 22, the Race of Champions brings together some of the world’s greatest drivers from all major motorsports. They will be battling against each other on identical machines that roar and vroom. For the first time ever, Slingshot SLR will be raced to seek a Champion on Trikes. Sunday's main event will be broadcast live by CBS Sports.




Marlins Park. 501 Marlins Way • Miami, FL 33125

Saturday, January 21 • Pre-show at 11:30am ET • Racing starts at 3pm

Sunday, January 22  • Pre-show at 10am ET • Racing starts at 12pm


Ural’s on SALE

Save $1000 on 2016 Urals, instantly.

Hurry! Offer ends February 15th!

Offers are available on the Ural models: cT, Patrol and GearUp. The last two have 2WD.

*Offer excludes Ural Ambassador LE and cannot be combined with any other offers.

See available offers at: http://imz-ural.com/offers/



I made some calls and found that the oldest serving California Ural Dealer is at Ventura. Call Mark at Marcus Customs and he will get you hooked. Tell him Bikernet.com sent ya.



“I have been in the motorcycle business for around 30 years. I have been an Ural dealer in California since 1999. I am longest operating California dealer. I am experienced in the Ural

motorcycle, Harley Davidson, British motorcycles, and now the Royal Enfield motorcycle. I can fulfill all your motorcycle needs.” – Mark


Personally, I tell you, nothing looks classier than an Enfield with a sidecar. That’s how gentlemen roll since 1901 to date. I will buy you a cigar to accessorize your look if you send in a photo of your Trike or Sidecar motorcycle. Email: bandit @ bikernet.com



Indian Motorcycles is Honoring Heroes

End Date: 3/31/2017


·       $1000 Bonus on the purchase of a new 2016 or 2017 Cruiser, Bagger and Touring model.

·       $500 Accessory & Apparel Bonus on the purchase of a new 2016 or 2017 Scout® or Scout®Sixty model.


This Offer is Valid for all active, reserve, National Guard and retired military personnel plus active and retired police and firefighter personnel, including volunteer firefighter and Border Patrol through March 31st, 2017.


I can’t believe there could be a better deal to offer our uniformed service-men-and-women around USA. This is a great scheme and something that should catch on with all motorcycle dealers of all brands.


Indian Motorcycle Charlotte at Lowell, NC has another incredible deal:


Indian Resolution To Ride - Thunderstroke®111 Offers

Offer End Date: 2/4/2017

·       3.99% for 36 months, $0 down (excludes Scout & Scout Sixty)*

·       5.99% for 72 months, $0 down (excludes Scout & Scout Sixty)*


Visit: http://indianmotorcyclecharlotte.com



Our Resident Hippie Raymond Hamilton dropped by to say:

"I have an absurd relationship with God. I keep asking Him to prove Himself. And he keeps asking me to prove that i can be human" – Raymond Hamilton


He has been on and on about mountains and valleys and rivers and God’s creatures. So much so that he worked up quite an appetite. “I am so hungry i could eat a Horseradish."


We gave him some whiskey to sober him up, because he is always hyperactive and schizoid when not under influence of intoxicants. "I too thought cigarettes were stupid. Then I ran out of cigarettes." Then Raymond Hamilton raised a rainbow flag and ran out into the streets screaming, "Anarchy Rules you despicable oxymoron."


Stay tuned for second episode of Ural Phenomenon on http://Trikes.Bikernet.com   

Yours truly, Ujjwal Dey.

Editor At Large - Trikes.bikernet.com (Yes, he is large, like a hippo with obesity)
* * * * END * * * * 


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