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Tales Of The Midnight Rider

The night calls for various reasons, not always good ones. The rider who slithers onto a dark highway at night dances with the Devil by the pale moon light, and needs special equipment and facilities to survive. This department is dedicated to the night bound long-road rider. May he always watch the sun come up safely.
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EPISODE 6 - Dead City

Midnight Writer
Dead City smells atrocious, like death. It’s comprised of massive square concrete buildings the size of football stadiums. A corner of each building points inward toward a singular central structure, 10 stories tall. The central building is protected by a two-story circular wall with machinegun turrets. With no windows and few entrances, we enter one of the enormous concrete structures through a ...
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MIDNIGHT RIDER: Operation Thundertaker


Midnight Writer
Kismet inextricably entwined Koz and Liz while both were on an assignment. Koz was writing a story on the Corridor of Death, and Lisette investigating the same murders linked to an international conspiracy. For two months they collaborated and are now romantically involved.
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