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Tattoo For Everyone and Everything

The Recidivist has a tattoo and in America it has a sidecar with tattoos as well

by Ujjwal Dey



Game Over Cycles rep Chris Bienkiewicz sent us an awesome concept sidecar motorcycle and we are so glad to showcase it here for you in high resolution glory. Sturgis 2017 saw the world’s first display of world's first tattooed motorcycle in the USA. The Recidivist, which was unveiled in 2014, was showcased for the first time in the USA at the 77th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, as well as the Labor Day Weekend Rally in Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee.



The motorcycle appeared in America with its new element, a fully tattooed sidecar. The Recidivist's sidecar was created in 2017 and had its world premiere at the Sturgis 2017 rally at the Buffalo Chip. The sidecar is fully tattooed, both outside and inside.



The bike's first apperance in the USA together with first photos of the bike with tattooed sidecar (photos by Patryk Ogorzalek / POGO Images) are now live for all to gasp and drool over at www.BikernetTrikes.com



You can watch documentary on how the motorcycle was created (without the sidecar).  



It is a short documentary film about The Recidivist - a unique custom bike, which is characteristic of light colored leather - similar to the color of human skin - being engineered onto the bike and actually tattooed.



The video shows and explains everything about the bike and its construction process, starting from the idea, through creation of tattoos and all the construction's functional elements, to its unveiling at London Tattoo Convention - the most prestigious tattoo convention in the world.

Since its premiere The Recidivist has received many awards, including the “Best Paint” award at the biggest indoor custom bike trade fair in the world and two awards at European Bike Week – the biggest bike festival in Europe: Best Custom and People's Choice Awards.



During the 77th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, the biggest motorcycle rally in the world organized in the American city of Sturgis, The Reciivist - world's first tattooed motorcycle built by Game Over Cycles company won 1st place in the “Most Unusual” class in the Rat’s Hole Custom Bike Show, the oldest and most prestigious custom bike show in the world.



The bike was unveilied in 2014, but during the Sturgis rally was showcased for the first time in the USA together with its new element, a fully tattooed sidecar.


Here is a video of the Rat’s Hole Award being presented to GOC.




Game Over Cycles makes custom built bikes that have won awards and acclaims in every corner of the world. They have a mean Drag line of motorcycles, glorious chopper style motorcycles, an incredible, see-it-to-believe-it behemoth series of motorcycles and of course, the Recidivist which just can’t stop winning awards since 2014 till present. Have a look at the lot of masterpieces at http://www.gameovercycles.com/



Their recent past accolades include:


§ 1st place Modified Harley Class: 2016: European Bike Week, Custom Chrome Bike Show Faaker See, Austria

§ 1st place: Sportster: 2016: European Bike Week, Faaker See, Austria

§ People's Choice: 2016: European Bike Week, Faaker See, Austria

§ Custom and People's Choice: 2015: European Bike Week, Faaker See, Austria

§ Best Paint: 2014: Custombike Show, Bad Salzuflen, Germany

§ 1st place: Rev-Tech Performance: 2014: Intermot, AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building, Cologne, Germany

§ 2nd place: Radical: 2013: European Bike Week, Faaker See, Austria

§ People's Choice: 2013: European Bike Week, Faaker See, Austria

§ Best of show: 2013: Amcar Show, Hrubieszów, Polska

§ 3rd place: Championship: 2013: IV Custom Festival, MotorShow Poznan, Poland

§ People's Choice: 2012: European Bike Week, Faaker See, Austria

§ 2nd place: Custom: 2012: Easy Rider Party, Borek k. Bochni, Poland


Their media gallery is full of cover photo shoots from a multitude of motorcycling magazines. I can’t wait to see what they bring to Sturgis next year. Rat’s Hole is as big a glory as you can get for custom bikes in the annual pilgrimage to Sturgis.



Photos: Tomasz Pulsakowski

Model (brunette): Kinga Majchrowska

Model (blonde): Urszula Toczko

Model (red hair/tattooed): Miss Piggy


RIDE ON !!! 




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