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Three-Dom Bike Show at The Buffalo Chip August 7, 2018

Trikes from all over the country gather at the Chip for a unique three-wheeled show

By Ronda Griffith


Being asked to represent Bikernet.com at this event was an incredible honor.   I’ve been riding for 20 years now and have worked for my home dealership, Buddy Stubbs Arizona Harley-Davidson for 13 of those years.  My husband also rides and was at the Buffalo Chip emceeing the Crossroads stage that week.  

From my first meeting with Teresa from First Gold Gaming Resort, I knew this was going to be more than a Bike Show but, also a day of some incredible stories behind the trikes.  This is the first year that Teresa and the Buffalo Chip have teamed up to do such a show.  Teresa is seasoned at doing these shows, just the first one for the Buffalo Chip.  
As I stated, I knew it would be a day of amazing stories.  Most people do not initially choose to ride a trike.  They usually have had a love of riding and a life of experiences while riding and life has taken some type of a turn that has made them choose to ride a trike over not being able to experience the wind in your face again.  I myself have a hip replacement and always know if there ever comes a time in life I can’t stabilize two wheels, I will move to three.  I would not let a complication like that stop my love of riding.

There were 4 different categories:  OEM Division, Conversion Division, Custom Division and Peoples Choice.   As the trikes started to roll in, I wondered which would be the winners.  The trikes were as different as the ones riding them.  From paint on them to the conversions of them to the functionality of them, it was a great time watching the entries.

By the time registration closed, there were 16 trikes.  Not bad at all for a first event of this sort here. I started hearing the stories of the trikes and what they meant.  
Very inspirational stories. One lady road over 1000 miles to be here, one gentleman was a Veteran and triple amputee! 

The one that touched my heart the most was the trike of a gentleman that was pretty popular in the trike show arena.  He built, had entered and won quite a few shows.  He was looking forward to being a part of this show.  He didn’t make it to this show.  He passed away days before.  His daughter, her boyfriend and stepmom made sure the trike was still in the show!  

Now, on to the winners.

OEM Division – Bernadette Adams – 2015 Harley-Davidson Free-Wheeler
Conversion Division – Lonnie Blum – 2001 Harley-Davidson Sportster (Lonnie is our Veteran and also took 2nd in the People’s Choice Category)
Custom Division – Stephanie Komro – Homebuilt by Carey Shoemaker.  Stephanie did her dad proud that day,  she also took first place in the People’s Choice Division.
The guys Horny Mike, Shannon and Ryan from Counting Cars were great judges.  After the awards were given and pictures were taken, there was a toast to the winners and Carey Shoemaker.

At the end, between, tears, smiles and laughter, I would say the first Three-Dom Show at the Legendary Buffalo Chip was a great success!
Cheers to next years event and keep the passion for the ride!!
Ronda (Tumbleweed) Griffith – proud 2008 Road King CVO rider and bikernet.com represtentive.



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