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Thursday News Booster Shot Blast

Trikes.bikernet.com is back with industry news and CELEBRATING AMERICA !!!

by Ujjwal Dey


Charlie Chaplin riding an Indian motorcycle. Be Legendary !!!
Charlie Chaplin riding an Indian motorcycle. Be Legendary !!!


God Bless America! My heartiest congratulations to all Americans everywhere on this grand election of a new President of USA. Trust me when I say Donald Trump is a highly intelligent man and very skilled at diplomacy. Ignore the bombastic image portrayed in media. He is here for a long term of 4 years with sincere efforts to change USA for majority. Not for a handful of minority corporates. For the masses. Just don't jump to apocalypse conclusion. America will become better through Trump. Just believe in America if you don't believe in Trump.


Let’s rock on and ride on, some fantastic larger than life industry news today.

-       Managing Editor, Ujjwal ‘Wayfarer’ Dey



Get in touch with bandit@bikernet.com for Advertising options
Get in touch with bandit@bikernet.com for Advertising options

We hired an intern and she does not know what is a Trike. I told her job internships are all about learning and education. So now she comes to my bachelor pad every evening for coaching and tuition.
We hired an intern and she does not know what is a Trike. I told her job internships are all about learning and education. So now she comes to my bachelor pad every evening for coaching and tuition.


Raymond says:

I don’t know if you folks have heard of or remember our hippie friend “Raymond Hamilton”. He has a few disgusting sex tales in our Fiction department. He was shouting from rooftops on the epic historic date of 9th November 2016.


“Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.

And all the Corporates horses and all the Corporates men, couldn't put Hillary Clinton in the White House again.”

 - Raymond Hamilton


“A First Outlaw President. I am gonna buy a Harley Davidson motorcycle to celebrate and sing Johnny Cash songs all night.” – Raymond Hamilton


Raymond Hamilton is now accepting fan mail and cash at support@happymen.org


Another intern was sleeping on the job. I gave her a raise and asked her to work long hours sleeping with me at my desk.
Another intern was sleeping on the job. I gave her a raise and asked her to work long hours sleeping with me at my desk.

Our Trikes.bikernet.com Girls went wild on Halloween roadshows.
Our Trikes.bikernet.com Girls went wild on Halloween roadshows.


Trikes.bikernet.com BAD JOKE PICTURE LIBRARY:

“Believe in America. I am in the government and hell even i dont trust the government. Trust America.” - Dubya Bush speech in movie ‘Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay’.



World's largest motorcycle tourism company, Eagle Riders, now in India

Eagle Riders, a motorcycle tourism company that was established in 1992 in the United States, has now made its way to India. Along the way, the Eagle Riders have become the largest motorcycle tourism company in the world.


The company opened their first outlet in the capital of India, New Delhi. The franchise for the Eagle Rider outlet has been bought by the Big Motorcycle Company.


Mr. Samar JS Sodhi, Founder Big Motorcycle Company, said, "Eagle Rider was launched in the year 1992 in USA and now has branches across the world. There is a growing need for luxury bike tours in India because of the number of people owning high-end motorcycles like Harley or a Triumph that cost nothing less INR 5,00,000 and move northwards. India has amazing motorable roads and is a popular tourist destination. The launch is reflective of the need for great motorcycle tours that are all about the experience of luxury."


Domestic and international travellers can hire high-end motorcycles from Eagle Riders who have a fleet containing Harley Davidson's, Triumph's and Royal Enfield's. The motorcycles can be hired for self-drive purpose and pre-determined guided tours or tailor-made adventure holidays within India and neighbouring countries like Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar.


SO NOW KEITH R. BALL HAS NO MORE EXCUSES to ride to the base of Mount Everest with his gang of misfit senile senior citizen riders.



Chris McIntyre, Founder and CEO Eagle Rider, quoted, "We all know that riding motorcycles is fun. But riding a motorcycle as you explore a legendary country like India with so much history in every mile and so many interesting things to see and do is an entirely unique and unforgettable experience. Eagle Rider is immensely proud to finally be able to make that experience a possibility for fellow riders across the World."


The riders get a free open face DOT approved helmet. They also have the option to rent safety riding gear, cameras and GPS. For longer travel itineraries, Eagle Rider India staff will install saddle bags to carry luggage and if there are larger groups, a chase van to carry spares, luggage, camping gear, tech support, medical first aid, etc. will be arranged. The customers also get the choice of luxury routes and select hotels to make their stay delightful and a memorable one.




Went to a nice shindig with my cowgirl celebrating Veterans.
Went to a nice shindig with my cowgirl celebrating Veterans.


Yamaha builds a motorcycle rider

Yeah, so this Japanese giant automotive company is not satisfied at building fastest motorcycles since decades. Now they have gone on to build a robot that rides a motorcycle better than a human. The purpose? Why the hell not? Maybe the robot will become the future Judge Dredd or Robocop and give you a ticket before you can change the gear on your runaway scooter.



At the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show, Yamaha demoed Motobot — a humanoid, motorcycle-riding robot.  It made a robot that can ride a motorcycle. You know, like the Terminator. Yamaha and its collaborating partner, research firm SRI International, unveiled the Motobot last October, with the twofold goal of improving performance in Yamaha bikes, and furthering the development of AI robots. But if you ignore the humans and listen to what the robot has to say, you get a more concise and frightening answer. “I was created to surpass you,” it says in a creepily childish voice.


The tech is close, but it’s still pretty sci-fi. The idea that the vehicles sitting in our driveways or bus depots right now could be driven by something more efficient, on the other hand, has a strange kind of believability. TRANSFORMERS could be real. Motobot’s goal is to beat the lap times of World Champion motorcycle racer Valentino Rossi.


Yamaha “announced that it has established Yamaha Motor Ventures & Laboratory Silicon Valley Inc. (abbreviated to YMVSV), which began operation on August 5 local time. Based in Silicon Valley, California, this new company aims to conduct theme research and training for new business development, promotion of commercialization, and development of new business models.


So your future Captain America riding a V-Twin may actually be a robot raging droid warfare against foreign Communists just like the Drone Airplanes of today. Bomb them with a video game interface.


This SHIT IS REAL. Google Car and Tesla and Yamaha Robotics could be bigger than Lockheed Martin in the future. The new age warfare will involve technology as seen with the blend of technology in soldiers’ mandatory gear. Soon, these robotics company will bid for big defence contracts and protect you from invasion from Martians and the Klingons.



The World’s First 3D-Printed Motorcycle is Here (and You Could Own One)

Well, someone finally did it. Someone finally made something with 3D printing that seemed like a really cool party trick — a damn motorcycle. It’s called the Light Rider, which is the effective amount of cool that should be assigned to something this bitchin’, and I hope they start custom 3D-printing killer shades and sweet jackets to go along with it soon.


A subsidiary of Airbus, APWorks is responsible for the Light Rider, “probably the world’s lightest motorcycle.” Only 77 pounds, the slick ride is aluminum and “Scalmalloy,” the team’s name for their custom aluminum alloy powder that’s almost as strong as titanium.


The (light) rider can swap out the bike’s battery, which scores 35 miles per charge, and the two-wheeled charm can do up to 50 mph. It’s nearing that critical point where it’ll be more option than experiment. APWorks will build 50, snagging a tag of €50,000 ($56,100) each. But right now, you only need €2,000 ($2,200) to make a deposit. I mean, that’s a relatively small price to pay to feel like you own something Wayne Enterprises would produce. Nana nana nana nana Batman.



Amphibious motorcycle transforms into a Jet Ski-like watercraft

Gibbs Sports Amphibians, a leisure sports vehicle manufacturer, came up with a motorcycle that can travel on both land and water. It's called Biski, a motorbike and personal watercraft hybrid.


The inventor saw too many James Bond movies and then decided that cars are not cool. Bikes will do it better and faster. So came about this amphibious motorcycle for land and sea. Take your kid fishing in style.



Uber rolls out motorcycle taxi service in Bangkok and Jakarta

Thailand and Indonesia have the biggest stock pile of two-wheeled monstrosities. So now Uber is offering a motorcycle ride to your destination on a motorcycle at Bangkok and Jakarta.


The move is an effort to counter what rival ride-hailing apps are doing -- competitor Grab already offers a motorcycle option in the Thai capital, called GrabBike.


It isn't Uber's first go at motorcycles. In 2012, the company launched a moto-taxi option in Paris for a few weeks as a short-term experiment. It hasn't tried another motorcycle feature until the Bangkok one, which it has designed for cities in developing countries like Thailand. "Two-wheel transportation is a form of mobility for millions and millions of people," says Uber spokesperson.


The driver will even show up with a helmet for the passenger. Fares start at 10 baht (28 U.S. cents), and cost an additional 3.50 baht for each kilometer and 0.85 baht per minute for every ride -- cheaper than the car service.  


RIDE ON And visit Trikes.bikernet.com for more eXtreme news from the Editor and freak on a leash Ujjwal ‘Wayfarer’ Dey.



Get in touch with bandit@bikernet.com for Advertising options
Get in touch with bandit@bikernet.com for Advertising options


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