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Monday Edition

Trike Tech Tips


Ride more safe, secure, and faster comfortably, in the middle of the night on dark and dank roads!

Photos and text by Rogue
I ride a lot at night and many times on roads that are not well lighted. Through the years, I have tried numerous lighting improvements, many of which I first became aware of through their use on other vehicles such as cars and trucks.
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Add Power to your Trike

The exhaust is a Dual Header System from Khrome Werks. The “True Dual” is made of 1 3Ž4 16 gauge material and comes with full coverage heat shields. It is designed for maximum top end power and improved low end torque with balanced flow.
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We Needed to Fix Bad Brad's 1998 King Forks

By Bandit, David Zemla, Eric Bennett and Gabe Vidrio
Bad Brad, a martial arts Sifu, and the previous owner of the San Pedro Kick Boxing School recently bought a ’98 King from the Billet King. The bike was clean as a whistle, and had an air system to lower the rear shocks, but the front end bottomed out and we looked at options with Progressive Suspension.
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Inside Your Trike: Electronic Engine Control and Throttle-by-Wire

Where are the Throttle Cables?

Phil Buonpastore & Toph Bocchiaro
New BMW motorcycles have it, as do Harley-Davidson Touring bikes and modern Trikes, so do many models of cars and even jet aircraft. What is it? Throttle-, drive- or fly-by-wire—electronic throttle control (H-D’s official wording) and engine management systems, of course. To take on the entire concept of how throttle-by-wire (TBW; used here throughout for simplicity) is used in every type of tr...
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Trike Questions and Answers

Your technical questions answered

As part of our continuing effort to bring readers the information they need, we'll be answering trike-related technical questions on an ongoing basis. If we can't answer a question, we'll find an expert who can. Stay tuned for regular updates to this section.
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Trike Suspension Terminology

Front End Geometry

Letters and Doodles: Barry Aackmann
Solid Axle Suspension: type of beam-axle suspension system utilizing a single shaft to connect both wheels. Some manufacturers offer this type exclusively. Independent Suspension: broad term for a suspension system that allows each wheel on the same axle to move vertically (i.e. reacting to a bump in the road) independently of each other. Requiring more parts to manufacture, Independent setups ar...
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