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Thursday Edition

Bikernet Trike Riders

Trikes of Rods & Rides by T.D.Ward

Check out these amazing custom trikes!

Triking Viking


Rods & Rides by TD, LLC began as a small company offering only the finest custom vehicles and motorcycles in the world. After several years the company took another turn, they began building custom motorcycles and trikes but still selling their award winning vehicles.
The company takes the same approach when building each bike and produces only show winning results. Many of the motorcycles have been winners at Sturgis & Daytona and showcased in several national magazines such as Easy Riders and V Twin, Bikernet and even aired on the Travel Channel.  The bikes are hand built, one at a time, and are sold all over the entire world from, Africa to Australia. 
They always strive to use parts made in the USA.  Rods & Rides is a US Manufacture; they do not use salvage or a rebuilt  titles. The bike  comes with a 17-digit vehicle identification number (VIN number) that is listed with the US Government and will have a Certificate of Origin. Rods & Rides is also listed with several sources like (KBB) Kelly Blue Book. This helps with insurance premiums and those customers needing assistance with finance. 

As a manufacture and a classic vehicle dealer they have several resources for shipping and can ship worldwide.   http://rodsandridesbytd.com/home


Stay Tuned for upcoming features on the Trikes of Rods & Rides by T.D.Ward



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