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Two Girls On Three Wheels

Charity ride on a pink trike across 12 countries

Ujjwal Dey



In 2006, Two British ladies decided to really take a long drive on their tuk-tuk in Thailand. They rode an auto-rickshaw which is a passenger Trike used for daily commute in Asia for 12,000-mile (19,312 km) charity drive through 12 countries.

Antonia Bolingbroke-Kent, from Norfolk, and Jo Huxster, from Brighton, both 27, travelled from Thailand to Birghton, England in the pink trike, nicknamed Ting Tong. They drove through pink finishing tape in Brighton having raised £25,000 for the mental health charity Mind. Among the fun and frolic, the two daring ladies endured an earthquake and a herd of buffalo. The pair left British Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand on 28 May 2006 to a “surprisingly comfortable” trip to UK.


"I'm really glad to be back, but really sad to be finished," said Ms Bolingbroke-Kent on Sunday. "Life after this is going to be an anti-climax," she added.

Antonia and Ms Jo also drove through Laos, China, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany, Belgium and France. Ting Tong suffered a few mechanical problems on the way, but Jo Huxter "always trusted that she would get us home". "She's surprisingly comfortable to drive in, much better than a car," she said.

The bright pink Ting Tong and its riders Antonia and Jo encountered an earthquake and landslide in China, as well as close attention from a herd of buffalo when their accelerator cable snapped. But they also got to drive along the Great Wall of China, and were given presents by border guards in Kazakhstan. They now want to raise even more money for Mind.


"We'll have to sit and concoct another scheme," said Antonia Bolingbroke-Kent. "I think long trips in a unique mode of transport is definitely the way forward."

Ms Huxster added: "Ting Tong will be used to raise more money, [but] there are no plans in the immediate future to drive back to Thailand."

The two pretty ladies arrived safe in their trusty tuk-tuk Trike to UK on 4 September, 2006.

The money raising part of their project, for this particular charity, was very important for them as both have closely witnessed what kind of damage mental problems can do to a person: Jo suffered from severe depression in her adolescence herself, having spent having spent over two years in psychiatric hospitals. And Antonia had a close friend committing suicide due to mental problems not long ago. They decide they want to do something and, after Jo traveled to Thailand she came back with the idea to drive a Tuk Tuk back to England from Bangkok – TukTuk capital of the world.


In 98 days they covered 12,783 miles, two continents and 12 countries in their overly bright and pink attention-magnet Ting Tong the Tuk-Tuk. The adventurous duo on a trike have set the Guinness World Record for the Longest Ever Journey by Auto-Rickshaw not to mention the worthy cause of raising £50,000 for the Mind mental health charity. 

Their kickass trip is covered in the book: Tuk Tuk to the Road: 2 Girls, 3 Wheels, 12,500 Miles which you can get through Amazon at: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/1905548656/


Cosmopolitan magazine’s 2006 ‘Fun, Fearless, Female’ Award was the additional laurel for the carefree trip on their return to England. 

Do you know of more such crazy road trips by you or your friends? Write in to us your road tales and photos at wayfarer@bikernet.com and get featured.


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