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Ultimate Trailers for the Ultimate Tour

When in Doubt, Tow it along, You Know You Want to

by Ujjwal Dey



Trailers are essential indulgence for the avid traveler. If you like hitting the road regularly or maybe you live only to go from one run event to next, then you probably already have a trailer. There are reliable and sturdy trailers already tested by fellow riders and checked for safety and traffic regulations by the manufacturer. Your Trike or even your all terrain bike may be expensive and loading it on a pickup or tall trailer are not really an ideal solutions. And you don’t want to damage your trike by just forcefully dragging it along. A Trailer can be a safe and secure way to indulge your passion and maybe even haul a vulnerable collectible to Prize Shows and Contests from State to State.


“The Ultimate Trailers” under their Trademark manufacture open and enclosed Hauling Trailers in Denver, Colorado utilizing component parts supplied by other American Manufacturers and American Labor to build the best in market products.


Their Hauling Trailers are the most advanced in the world and incorporate many features, which are not to be found in any other trailers in the world.


Their goal from the start of their trailer designs was to build the “Easiest to Load," “Easiest to Pull” and “Highest Quality,” trailers in the world. No compromises with their product designs directive are ever made. The quality of every single part used in their products is assured of reliability, strength and utility.


They look at these Trailer products as a “Once in a Lifetime Product” for the customers, not something you trade off every so many years. Word of mouth has been a big sales force as they have hundreds of testimonials from happy satisfied customers, a number of which are listed on their web site. http://www.the-ultimate-trailers.com/



The Ultimate Trailers company has specifically designed products for hauling Harley- Davidson Freewheeler, Spyder, Polaris Slingshot or even very large custom touring Trikes. However when you purchase one of these trailers you will see that they are truly “Universal Trailers” allowing you to carry not only all of your power sport toys but just about anything you wish to haul.




1.     FIXED SPRING RATE: It means that the spring strength used by a trailer can’t be adjusted, no matter what the weight of the load is on the trailer. So if a company selects an axle with a 5,000 pound rated spring , it is always a 5,000 pound spring and if the trailer weighs 1,000 pounds and you are carrying a motorcycle weighing 700 pounds, then the total load is 1,700 pounds and the trailer is vastly over sprung.The result is a trailer with extremely stiff suspension for the load and the trailer goes bouncing down the road. It is even worse when you are pulling the trailer empty; in some conditions the trailer seems to get more air than pavement going down the road behind your tow vehicle. Your tow vehicle in this case gets a jogging affect which is not good for its drive train or your fuel mileage and additionally it may cause considerable damage to your trailer.


2.     Many of today’s trailers use a rubber torsion bar axle where the springs have been replaced with a rubber suspension on each end of the axle, which softens the ride some, however it is still a fixed suspension strength. These are widely used because these axles are mass produced and are cheap.


3.     AIR RIDE SUSPENSION: All transport buses and semi-trailers use Air Ride Suspension Systems for their suspension systems. Why? Because this gives them a very smooth ride and avoids jogging down the road to protect their passengers and the cargo. These air ride systems cost substantially more than a leaf spring or rubber torsion bar axle, however they pay for themselves every mile down the road in less wear and tear on your vehicle’s drive system, increasing your fuel mileage and protecting the cargo. The trailers from ULTIMATE TRAILERS incorporate “Automatic Leveling Air Ride Suspension”


4.     We all want the least expensive products we can find but value should be the most important factor. Does it have reliability? Does it have high utility? Does it damage my tow vehicle or my cargo or trike loaded on it?



5.     TRAILER CHASSIS DESIGN: Most chassis designs in the market used on trailers today are almost identical to the Conestoga wagons of the Old Wild West. Outdated technology that needs a modern design and development. These trailers that are very heavy. Analyze today’s technology of race car design which have designs that are more of a unibody type, where they can obtain the strength needed using a much lighter overall structure. Having heavy cars in the past didn't matter much when gas was 25 cents per gallon but when it is hovers at $4.00 per gallon, minimizing the weight of a car become critical to fuel mileage as we are starting to see today in many cars.


6.     STEEL VS ALUMINUM: Aluminum is more expensive than steel and it is more expensive to weld, more susceptible to cracking next to the welds as it is not as malleable as steel. Though aluminum does not rust, it can be attacked by salt and result in corrosion. Steel is heavier but to make a sturdy reliable trailer you would use thicker aluminum beams which is same weight as steel.



7.     In a uni-body car design the outer body skin contributes a large part of the overall design strength of the car, eliminating the very heavy frame used on yesterday’s cars. Using this same technology and incorporating a steel deck into the unibody design of a trailer chassis greatly reduces its weight while providing superior strength. Unibody construction requires more welding and powder coating is also needed to it to protect against rust which increases cost which is why we have 200 year old wagon technology in most of the trailers on the road. THE ULTIMATE TRAILERS have open trailers which weigh from only 300 pounds to 600 pounds, while their enclosed trailers weigh from only 600 pounds to 1,000 pounds.


8.     COST OF OWNERSHIP: A much smaller tow vehicle can pull these lightweight unibody trailers. Compare and scrutinize the additional initial cost of such a trailer against the overall operating cost reduction you will gain over the years, what we call the total cost of ownership.


9.     Trailer Aerodynamics play a part in the mileage of your towing vehicle as well as the relative safety of the trailer fighting against aerodynamic drag of the tow vehicle. A proper trailer design will have a very smooth & pointed front Aero Rock Shield that will guide the air coming around your tow vehicle smoothly up and over the trailer, both to smooth out the air flow over the trailer plus deflect the road debris to protect the cargo on the trailer. 


ULTIMATE TRAILERS have innovated considerably to add features no one even thought matters to the customer. While you may not have even thought about the underside of a trailer, which also contributes to the aerodynamic drag. Most trailers have an axle hanging down under the chassis which disturbs the air flow under the trailer. Utilizing independent suspension not only makes the trailer ride smoother going down the road, but also eliminates this axle hanging underneath the trailer helping to reduce the aerodynamic drag. The shape of the fenders is another contributor to aerodynamic drag as they are usually sticking out beyond the sides of your tow vehicle in the direct air flow and need to be shaped as streamlined as possible to reduce aerodynamic drag. All their trailers utilize fiberglass body panels which are designed to be very aerodynamic.



10. Most small cars today are designed to get super fuel mileage and have a tongue weight limit of 250 pounds and towing capacity limit of 2,500 pounds. Your ULTIMATE TRAILERS will work with these budget cars as well.


11. SAVINGS: If you use this lightweight aerodynamic trailer towed by a mileage efficient car for just five years the fuel costs for using your pickup is the very minimum. Ultimate Trailers estimate you will save $5500 in fuel costs alone in five years. Plus, the much better safety of your trike loaded on this trailer is priceless.


12. AIR LOWERING: You can eliminate the troublesome ramps required on most trailers to load and unload your Trikes. The ULTIMATE TRAILERS are offering a unique feature to their trailer. Their trailer magically lowers its rear to the ground with the flip of a switch eliminating a huge problem of loading vehicles.  It allows you to just ride your Trike or bike onto these self lowering trailers. This is a benefit derived from Air Ride Suspension of ULTIMATE TRAILERS.


13. Newer model trikes have a very low ground clearance for center of gravity benefits. Air lowering offers one person ride on loading. Perils of unloading backwards down a ramp, which is even more difficult is also resolved by the air lowering.


14. Shielding your expensive custom trike from road debris while on the road or debris rising from the tyres of the tow vehicle is resolved by the ingenuity of ULTIMATE TRAILERS. They offer a proper rock shield and have fenders. No more worries of damaged paint job or chrome getting ruined.



15. CUSTOMIZABLE: Ultimate Trailers also offers custom solution trailers for your trikes. So you are not stuck with a salesman selling one size fits all. Customize your trailer as per your convenience and needs. Ultimate Trailers even work well with bikes with SIDECARS. They offer custom matched painting of the trailer to match your Powersports toy or tow vehicle.


16. STORAGE: The ULTIMATE TRAILER offers trailer that folds up for non-riding season storage next to the wall of your garage. Or you can store your bikes on these trailers in your garage and just ride them on and off during the riding season.


17. GLOBAL SHIPPING SAVINGS: Again ULTIMATE TRAILERS philosophy is to take every last little detail into its design consideration. They have designed these trailers to be shipped upright on their tail to minimize their shipping costs. All of the open and enclosed trailers are designed to be shipped upright on their fold up rear deck taking up less than four feet of semi deck space. This reduces the shipping costs to a fraction of what it would cost to ship them flat on a semi deck.


18. Advanced Tie Down Systems: Ultimate Trailers have designed a wide range of specific tie down systems to be used on the wide variety of Powersports toys you may wish to carry on your trailer. You may haul other things on this trailer, like your golf cart or riding lawn mower, etc.



So next time you see a $50,000 tow vehicle pulling a $40,000 motorcycle on a $200 trailer going down the road refer them to this article. Tell them what they are missing. Prove to them the value of having a well-designed utility trailer. These Ultimate Trailers are made by people who ride. They know your concerns. They understand your needs. Use their specialized skills and knowledge and check out their product line.


ULTIMATE TRAILERS now offer four models of Open Hauling Trailers and four models of Enclosed Hauling Trailers. If you order any one of their open hauling trailers now and later wish to convert it to an enclosed hauling trailer at a later date, they offer the enclosure as a body kit update to convert your trailer. This broad model choice allows the customers to select the right model to suit their specific hauling needs. They even offer financing assistance for your trailer purchase.


If you have used Trailers or have specifically used trailers from Ultimate Trailers, be sure to write in to www.BikernetTrikes.com your feedback, wishlist, experience, trip photos and your mother’s secret recipe. Send it at wayfarer@bikernet.com or just post a comment below.




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