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First Look at the Long Beach IMS Show

Triking Viking



Vanderhall Motor Works is based in Provo, Utah had their first ever reveal at the Long Beach IMS show. Priced at $29,950 the Venice hopes to give the Autocycle industry another run for its money.

The Vanderhall Autocycles the Laguna and the Venice are hand-built at their Provo facility. All Lagunas’ feature a hand-laid carbon fiber body and a mono-aluminum chassis with a 200 HP 1.4 liter, 4 cyl engine mated to a 6 speed auto-manual.


The final and current production version the Vanderhall Laguna saw chassis stiffening, handling, creature comforts and other improvements—truly rounding out the motoring experience. The headlights were increased in size to round out proportions. A cool removable hard top is available


A 600 watt, Bluetooth connectable sound system is hidden/included. There is no visible stereo in the interior, just simple controls for comfort. The throaty growl and rhythm of a Vanderhall going through gears is what most of our customers want to hear. The race inspired pushrod suspension is as unique as it is exotic. Its function enables a more compact body package while delivering in its ultimate goal of providing wonderful feel and precision in handling, cornering, and braking. Whether you choose the Laguna, the Laguna Sport Premium or go all out with the Bespoke Laguna, Vanderhall offers exclusivity, enjoyment, and excitement in a return to the golden age of motoring.


The Vanderhall Laguna is currently offered in three trim levels:

The Venice Starting at$29.950

The Laguna, Starting at $49,950.

The Laguna Sport Premium, Starting at $58,850.

The Laguna Bespoke, All-inclusive at $77,000. For the customer that wants what they want, how they want it.

1955 Ironton Blvd., Provo, UT 84606
Text or Call: (949) 420-9007


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