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Currently at 133.4 MPH but Hang On!

By Bandit with photos by Crista Martin.


Lucky 2013 the 3-wheeler world rocked the Bonneville Salt Flats. Stephen Laffey and Bill Chambers of Aces & Eights Racing with Mil Blair of Pegasus Fuel Injection, Jammer Cycles and Easyriders magazine fame, plus with Perry and Crista Martin, rolled this trike onto the Bonneville Salt Flats for another run at more records.

Bill Chambers knows the drill and the new Trike Class afforded them new opportunities in various World Record categories.

They choose the only stateside event to honor a trike category, the Bub Motorcycle Speed Trials with their custom Lehman trike conversion kit built into a 1999 Road King chassis. This was the second time they came away with a record.

 In 2011, they set the Federation Internationale de Motocylisme (FIM) world land speed record of 119.6 in the 2000cc class with a highly modified 120-inch Twin Cam engine.

At the 2013 August event, the trike ran in the 3000cc partially streamlined class and set a new (FIM) World Record of 125.6 mph. The engine cases and bottom end was supplied by Renegade, an Australian engine builder.

FIM is still the only sanctioning body to recognize trikes and that was due to my request for a Trike class and Dennis Manning reaching out to the FIM to get it done. I’ve been fighting to get out onto the salt ever since with the 5-Ball Racing Salt Torpedo.

This is one sexy, sleek, no-nonsense trike with its 147-cubic-inch Engenuity V-twin motor, built and owned by Stephen’s Deadwood Motor Co. It’s around 2400 ccs which allows Bill to run it first in the 2500 cc class and finally in the 3000 class. The upgraded engine was built with a 4 ½-inch bore and 4.5-inch stroke using custom Renegade (Australia) cases and Engenuity’s billet barrels and heads. The induction is naturally handled by Mil Blair and his Pegasus electronic fuel injection system. The handmade 2-into-1 exhaust was created and built by Stephen and Bill.

Recently Mil mentioned a faster speed of 132 mph and how the team cured a handling issue with 10-pound lead bars strapped to the axles. “Over 120 mph, trikes get squirrely,” said Bill Chambers. The lead bars stamped with the Australian manufacturer’s logo gave Stephen a big kick, since the lower-end is also Australian. There was a serious connection to the land down-under.

from left: The owner Stephen Laffey, Mil Blair and Bill Chambers
from left: The owner Stephen Laffey, Mil Blair and Bill Chambers

More recently, this bike ran in the dirt at the El Mirage dry lake in California 2014, which is sanctioned by the SCTA. They don’t currently have a Trike class so he could only run for a time slip. The Trike ran a solid 133.4 mph and is ready to set another record.

We will continue to follow their progress. Hang On!

World’s Fastest Trike Tech Chart

Rider: Bill Chambers
Tuners: Mil Blair and Bill Chambers
Salt flat team: Stephen, Bill, Mil and Perry Martin of Vo Mar Starfire Spark Plug Co.


Model: Evo and Twin Cam
Size: 147-inch
Top end: Enginuity
Cases: Renegade


Model: 5-Speed Harley-Davidson
Clutch: Barnett


Model: Lehman Trike conversion, Spearfish, SD


Wheel: factory H-D 21-inch
Tire: Avon
Brake: none

Wheels: Lehman 16-inch
Tires: Firestone Tires
Brakes: Rear discs

Sheet metal
Fairing: Custom built
Rear section: Lehman Trikes modified
 Sponsored by: Red-Line Oil, Pegasus Fuel Injection and Vo Mar Starfire Spark Plugs, Barnett Clutches and Pegasus Fuel Injection
Check the 5-Ball Racing site for leathers, books and more.
Check the 5-Ball Racing site for leathers, books and more.



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