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Behind The Scenes

Republic of Memes

We have a Facebook Page, did ya know ?

by Ujjwal Dey
Resident hippie Raymond Hamilton is a degenerate useless bum. While he is good for nothing, he is a fellow biker and a brother to me and so I tried and got him a simple job of running the Bikernet.com Facebook Page.
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Iron Detroit the Motor City and Motorcycle Nirvana

Mr. Toad's Wild Winter Ride the Day before the Ultimate Builder Show

Photos and text by Prince Najar of Biker Pros
I flew into Detroit to meet with builders in Michigan a day before the kick-off of the Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show in Novi, a suburb of Detroit. Biker Pros produces a custom bike show at all 11 Progressive International Motorcycle Show across the country.
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Metalsports Now Imports VeeRubber Tires to the West Coast

A Flexible Partnership for Monster Tires, Whitewalls, and OEM V-Twin Models

By Wrench with photos from Metalsport
Vee Rubber Tires are now available and in stock at the Metalsport warehouse in Los Angeles.
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Devils Diciples MC 44th Anniversary

“44” for “DD” A legendary club celebrates a heavy milestone

Photos and Text by Bill Hayes
Few Clubs survived the last four decades. The Devils Diciples have a lot to be proud of as they enter their 44th year.
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30th Anniversary of the Mighty Buffalo Chip, 2011

The Sturgis Motorcycle Nirvana on the Hill

By Bandit with photos from the Chip
1981 hit motorcycling and Sturgis Bike Week like 00-buck against a roadside sign. The raucous city park heart of the party closed and a young Sturgis resident, who grew up around High School keg parties, wanted to give bikers a place to camp out and party away from both the Man and the city fathers.
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Joker Machine

A Tad About the Company That Saved Bikernet West

By Wrench, Photos by Markus Cuff
The behind the scenes story about Joker Machine, an American company that loves motorcycles and makes fantastic parts.
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Bikernet Interviews John Covington Of Surgical Steeds

A Report On The State Of The Custom Market In The United States

By K. Randall Ball
Surgical Steeds is gone now, but here an historic interview.
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Bikernet--The 15 Year History

How The Hell Did We Get Here?

By Bandit, Johnny Humble, Agent Zebra, Sin Wu, and Bruce Snyder, with illustrations by George Fleming and Chris Kallas
The whole story from the beginning of a web site for the custom motorcycle enthusiast, and guy who like redheads
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