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Bikernet Trikes News

Bikernet Trikes News

Autocycle Trends, Regulations, Laws and You

Either Federal or State laws, we need Autocycles

by Ujjwal Dey
People frequently ask the question “How will the new Autocycles be registered in my state?” For example, the Elio will be registered as either an autocycle or a motorcycle. Many States allow Polaris Slingshot riders to use motorcycle license to ride. If you’ve been following the lawmakers, you know that every manufacturer, brand and dealer has worked with state legislatures to ensure that Autocycl...
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GET GEX : Trike Motor Engines

A Popular Volkswagen Engine has become the Heart of Trikes Everywhere

--from Ujjwal Dey
Join the rear of a Volkswagen with the front of a motorcycle, cover it with a body the color of rancid plums or electric blue, chrome the motor, put wide tires on the rear and wella… you have a trike.
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Motorized Drift Trike : Let’s build one

BikernetTrike.com Editor discovers joys of tomfoolery and nurtures his inner child

By Ujjwal Dey
A Hot Rod in your Home. Drift trikes aren’t new. They were known as Big Wheels or Green Machines in the 1970s. These featured mechanical tricks you might recognize on modern drift cars like “stick shift” brake handles and absurd steering angles. Fuzzy wristbands, Keds, and sliding sideways on a Big Wheel made for serious street cred in 1976.
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Hogging Santa

We Wish You a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Ujjwal Dey
Santa Claus finds joy and contentment in modern society with a Harley, Faith, Hope and Charity.
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A New Kind of Three-Wheeled Thriller

Yamaha Niken 2019 is promoted as a Revolutionary Leaning Multi-Wheeler

Ujjwal Dey
A New Kind of Three-Wheeled Thriller. Yamaha Niken 2019 is promoted as a Revolutionary Leaning Multi-Wheeler. Yamaha NIKEN is a one of its kind product, which was officially unveiled at 2017 Tokyo Moto Show. It is a totally new concept in the motorcycle industry with unique carving abilities. NIKEN is a Leaning Multi-Wheeler powered by a 3-cylinder 847cc engine which is good for 115 HP of maximum ...
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Two Girls On Three Wheels

Charity ride on a pink trike across 12 countries

Ujjwal Dey
Two Girls On Three Wheels. Charity ride on a pink trike across 12 countries. In 2006, Two British ladies decided to really take a long drive on their tuk-tuk in Thailand. They rode an auto-rickshaw which is a passenger Trike used for daily commute in Asia for 12,000-mile (19,312 km) charity drive through 12 countries.
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Ujjwal Dey
NEW VANDERHALL EDISON2 ANNOUNCED. ELECTRIC EXCITEMENT TO THE AUTO-CYCLE SEGMENT. Unveiled at the Progressive International Motorcycle Show in Long Beach, California, the Vanderhall Edison2 brings electrifying acceleration and zero emissions to the three-wheeler market
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THREESOME REPORT: Your Trike News update

Street Legal Customs and Designs to Ride or Drive into the Future

by Ujjwal Dey
Hang on for the Yamaha Niken, Elio, Campagna T-Rex, Can-Am Turbo, Vanderhall Venice and the proof that world is turning round.
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