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November 2011 Interview with Billy Lane

Almost Halfway into his Six-Year Sentence, Billy Offers Insight into his Life and Dreams of the future

Interview by Bandit with photos from Choppers Inc.
Billy Lane three years into his six-year sentence, still has motorcycle oil in his blood and a sister keeping Choppers Inc. alive.
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Paul Yaffe Down Under Interview

Life And Times of the Famous Designer

Interview by Glenn Priddle, edited by Doc Robinson, Heavy Duty Magazine
PY: Editor's Note: Late last year Paul Yaffe visited Australia to be a part of the country’s leading biker event, the Gold Coast Bike Week, held on Queensland’s sunny Gold Coast. Heavy Duty magazine and Bikernet contributor Glenn Priddle took pics ...
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Worlds Fastest Music

Bikernet Interviews The Music Composer Behind The Worlds Fastest Indian

By K. Randall Ball
Here’s a strange one. I received an e-mail inviting the Bikernet.com Staff to a private screening of The World’s Fastest Indian movie. I missed the fi...
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Bikernet World Exclusive…come take a ride with the Chernobyl Kid of Speed

Gamma Girl: Elena Filatova’s thoughts on motorcycles, Chernobyl and life in the Ukraine today.

Kevin “ Jaqhama ” Lumley interviewing Elena Filatova for www.bikernet.com
Editor’s note:This is a rare experience for Bikernet and a rare pleasure to share the questions from Jaqhama, a life-long Australian motorcyclists with Elena, a devote female biker from the Ukraine. We left her answers unedited to give you a sense of her dia...
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Bikernet Reveals Discovery Girls - On Bikes
Two of the riders from the Discovery Ride. We have all seen the Discovery motorcycle stuff. Here we have some of the ladies who participat...
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Kent State Interviews Stroker During Helmet Research
No this isn't Stroker, but his grandpa. Guess the year and make of the bike for a free Bikernet sticker and year-long Cantina Membership. Photos and text from Stroker strok96@yaho...
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Jose Interviews Billy Lane
Our Caribbean reporter was recently blessed with the opportunity to ride to Sturgis from the east coast with Billy Lane, the creator behind Choppers Inc. Billy and Jose partnered with Roger Bourget for a Discovery Channel adv...
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Bandit Interviews Jeff Bleustein
Jeffrey L. Bleustein is the Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Harley-Davidson, Inc. Of late we look down our noses at big buck CEO's and their bonuses, but the man at the top is responsible for every aspect of the company a...
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