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Threesome Report : Trikes.bikernet.com News

RoadsterCycles, Hippie updates, Polaris Slingshot Contest and Discounts, Temple Run, urban bikers, pollution blame game, University course and stuff

by Ujjwal Dey
THREEOME REPORT is the exclusive, all Trikes World News with reports on RoadsterCycles, Hippie updates, Polaris Slingshot Contest and Discounts, Temple Run, urban bikers, pollution blame game, University course and stuff.
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Is PJD Sucking the Soul Out of Bike Building?

A commentary on the controversial win of the 3-way bike build-off and how it relates to our hobby

By Patrick Garvin
So I sat through the finale of the Discovery Channel’s latest bike build-off last night and then started bumping around the Internet to read comments fueled by the show. Believe me when I say I’m glad this well-promoted televised event prompted a lot of buzz, because our industry needs a shot in the arm like this. Read the full story

A Touch of Tattoo History

Stephan Wagner and his older brother Professor Charlie Wagner

By Paul Davis
The man behind the first tattoo gun patent. A brother worked for his the grandson of Charlie Wagner.
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My American Ride (in Harley T-Shirt Fashion)

T-shirts and Text by Chuck Riddle
This will twist your mind. It will bring back all those dealership memories, good and bad, from one end of the country to the other, with over 60 t-shirts to illustrate the way.
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Rider Alert — Whitetail Deer

During the last rides of the year, we’ll be sharing the roadways with the whitetail deer. Be vigilant.

This article was authored by Troy Porter, J&P Cycles’ Iowa showroom supervisor and a hunting enthusiast. What he writes here could save your life this fall.   Autumn can come on strong with a change in temperature, darker skies for the commute both ways, and of course the unbelievable colors presented by fall leaves. If you̵...
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New History Channel TV Series: Hairy Bikers

“Cookin’- it Down the Road”

“Krylon” John Gilbert
There’s a new TV show on the History Channel, and it’s called Hairy Bikers. The premise is about two Texans doing the Then Came Bronson thing with a frying pan. On The History Channel’s website a trailer for Hairy Bikers displays subtitles describing Paul Patranella as the chef, and Bill Allen as the mechanic.
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San Diego Biker Bites

Chromed Restaurant Reviews from the seat of a Road Glide

Don't ask me. I've known this motojournalist for 15 or so years. He's gone from bad to worse, but his choice of Dago restaurants wasn't bad.
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Defining Moments of a Motorcycle Trip

Somewhere between Shit Happens and Adventure

By Doze with images courtesy of the Bob T. Collection
Thoughts on defining the amazing motorcycle adventures of life
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