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Of Political Interest

A Pure Example of Misguided Over-Regulation Gone Wild

It's simply a waste of time, money, and resources while hindering freedom

By Renegade with a photo courtesy of the Bob T. Collection
If you have time, and most of us don't, check out this court decision from New Hampshire. It's the perfect example of over regulation in this country. You'll run across federal regulations, state regulations, and some damn city's new regulations, all to kill the sound your motorcycle makes.
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Berry Wardlaw of Accurate Engineering and Jamie Thomas team up to build it big.

Written By Vivian 'Gypsy' Charros, Photos by Drew Burke, Chad Foreman
Where the hell is Dothan, Alabama? Well, to Berry Wardlaw, its home and has been since 1996 when he moved his business, Accurate Engineering, to L.A. (lower Alabama). It’s where he has produced incredible engines for just about every notable in the industry including the powerhouses for many Discovery Channel bikes, the motors for numerous winners of the AMD World Championship, the engines for two...
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2011 NCOM Convention

Keeping Freedom Alive for Motorcyclists and Clubs

Text and photos by Gypsy Raoul
Gypsy's report from the Annual NCOM convention held in Albuquerque, NM. The covered everything from education, to helmet laws, motorcycle roadblocks, and law enforcement
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Obama's Hollow Words On The Second Amendment

Agreement on gun reform?

Gun Nut Report
For the past two months, it has been expected that President Obama would speak out on gun control and the Second Amendment. Obama's anti-gun base has been hoping that he would finally openly embrace their prohibitionist agenda. But Obama has proven over the past few years that he knows taking on America's gun owners is a bad political move, and that means he must take a different tack -- claiming...
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Florida Vertical Motorcycle License Plate Warning

Could be dicey to run a Vertical Plate in Daytona for Bike Week

By Rogue and Imre F. Szauter from the AMA, with images courtesy of the Bob T. Collection
There's been some controversy mostly over the fines for running a vertical plate. Rogue went to a great deal of effort to get to the bottom of the story, although we're not sure where the bottom is or what it might cost.
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Texas Legislative Action Day 2011

10,000 Texas Freedom Fighters Ride to the Capital

Text and photos by Gypsy Raoul
Motorcyclists from across Texas rode to the State Capitol in Austin on Sunday, January 23rd to meet with Senators and Representatives at the newly convened 82nd Legislature of Texas on Monday.
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European Safety Effort Heading Down the Wrong Road

Europe takes a different approach for motorcycle safety, with enhanced inspections, anti-tampering bills and stricter regulations. We need to watch how FEMA approaches these efforts. FEMA has masterfully researched the real accident and injury causes. They have solid answers, if the EU will listen.
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Motorcycle Safety Programs that Work

Motorcycle Accidents are Down! The Florida Formula

By the Bikernet Staff
The first of a series of articles regarding successful motorcycle safety programs around the country and in Europe.
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