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Bikernet Trikes Special Report: Doug “Mr. Sidecar” Bingham

The Last Round-Up

Story and Photos by Paul Garson
It would have been Doug Bingham’s 45th Griffith Park Sidecar Rally this coming October, 2016 but his “flying chair” will be empty this next go-around. After nearly half century’s full-time dedication to the promotion of the sidecar experience, on this past January 27, 2016, Doug passed away at age 76.
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Bill May Tells a Story of Brotherhood

And About Wes, the Painter and Jet Ski Rental Guy

Photos and text by Bill May
This one brings back the past and being a biker when that's all we had, bikes and parts.
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INDIAN MOTORCYCLES-Iconic US Name and plan for resurrection

This was a Harvard case study

Supplied by John White, Crazy Horse Motorcycles
This case presents a an iconic U.S. firm, Indian Motorcycle Company, with a rich history that has ceased production three times in the past century and compromised the authenticity upon which the brand is based through a variety of ownership changes and market challenges.
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"It's got to be the Goin that's good"

A tribute to our friend Miles Squire

by Betsy Huelskamp
It's got to be the goin, not the gettin there that's good...........that's an old Don McClean song, and it's been my motto for many a year. It also best describes the life and times of my friend Miles Squire. Miles rode just 80,000 miles short of 2 million miles in his lifetime on the six different motorcycles he owned. Nearly one million were done on one bike, his 94 FLTCU Ultra Classic. He hol...
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Chica Custom Cycles

Standing Out in the Crowd

By Crazyhorse
  With bike builders seemingly dropping from the trees these days, it gets harder and harder<...
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It’s a Good Day to Ride with Will Barclay

2010 Hoka Hey winner

Photos and text by Gary Marz
Get to know the winner of the Hoka Hey long distance big time winner.
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I’m too stubborn to quit, too stubborn to believe I can't, too stubborn to just roll over and die, and too stubborn to be sad about life

Photos and text by Buckshot
Stan is a BMX accident quatriplegic, who loved to ride and never gave up. With pure determination and a host of good friend, he made it happen.
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The Life and Times of Jennings Wardlaw

The Young Son of a Biker, Berry Wardlaw, Passed in September of 2010

By Jordan Smith with photos by Jordan, Clara Andrews and Amanda Davis
A tribute and report on Jennings Wardlaw's funeral, the 16-year-old son of Berry Wardlaw, the master engine builder from Dotham, Alabama
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