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Trippin’ on Trikes

From Mild to Wild, From Old to Bold

Story and Photos by Paul Garson
You can start with two-wheels, even four, or completely from scratch and conjure up your own thanks to a variety of aftermarket suppliers like Paughco or for instant gratification opt to supply a donor bike and have it professionally converted by one of the turn-key production conversion companies.
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BOOK REVIEW: The Truth About Motorcycling Alaska

Gary Koz Mraz
This book is by no means a travelogue. You can get your pithy pictorials and glossy coffee table books elsewhere. It’s 224 pages of undiluted, 100-octane information regarding everything a rider really needs to know about motorcycling Alaska. The Adventurous Motorcyclist's Guide to Alaska puts 20 years of road knowledge together in a well organized, information-rich travel guide designed for adve...
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The Champion Vulcan Voyager Kawasaki Trike

The perfect marriage of style, comfort and performance

Story Gary Koz Mraz Photos Ron Sinoy
When The Engineering Team at Champion Trikes unveiled the Vulcan conversion I had to ride it. This new trike kit is available for 2009-later Kawasaki Vulcan 1700 Voyager, Vaquero, and Nomad models.
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Uncle Bill's Trike

Retro-Styling and Big Power, Australian Style

Doc Robinson
So who is Uncle Bill anyway, and where did he spring from I hear you asking? Well, before I address those questions take a good gander at the Springer Trike gracing these pages. Does it look old school to you? It bloody well should, as Uncle Bill’s website loudly and proudly proclaims, he only builds old school bobbers, rigids, Softails and Trikes.
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5 Trike Shootout

Words: The Triking Viking Photos: Ron Sinoy
 (This story was originally released in 2012 and there is some really good content and comparison that are relevant. Enjoy! The Triking Viking )   When we were planning this Trike shootout, it was clear we couldn’t fairly compare a Gold Wing Trike against machines that cost less than half that amount...
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Trike Suspension Terminology

Front End Geometry

Letters and Doodles: Barry Aackmann
Solid Axle Suspension: type of beam-axle suspension system utilizing a single shaft to connect both wheels. Some manufacturers offer this type exclusively. Independent Suspension: broad term for a suspension system that allows each wheel on the same axle to move vertically (i.e. reacting to a bump in the road) independently of each other. Requiring more parts to manufacture, Independent setups ar...
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Bikernet Trike Builder of the Month

Threesome Cycles: Builders of Hot Rod Trikes

Triking Viking
Threesome Cycles: Builders of Hot Rod Trikes   Mike Faria, owner and fabricator at Threesome Cycles was brought up around cars and motorcycles.  His parents were big into racing; they had a Bonneville Salt Flats car and a dragster.  Motorcycles were always in the picture for his grandfather his dad had Indians.  The first bike he ever ...
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Frankenstein’s Bonneville Trike

Orange Juice Blender

Tom Woosley
Frankenstein’s Bonneville Trike called the Orange Juice Blender
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