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Bikernet Biz

Bikernet Biz

Welcome to our business area. This is where you find out about banner advertising, full sponsorships, how to grab a Bikernet Banner or Bikernet specs and readership numbers.

If you want more, don't hesitate to contact us.

Bikernet Sites 2012 Media Kit

It's Amazing, and a quick read

Our entire team put together a very striking list of profitable advertising options. I need to thank Gary Mraz for his leadership, and our new graphics talent, Steve Adamo, plus, Ben, and Toph for digging up the final elements.
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Bikernet Testimonials

A Few Good Words About Bikernet

By Bandit and Bikernet Sponors
Bikernet staff about to take a tour of the H-D factory to write a feature. When we send a crew to handle a feature, we don't mess around. Hey, from Time to time we receive very positive letters regarding Bikernet’s ability to assist in pr...
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Bikernet Sponsor Code of the West

Rules Benefitting Advertisers

By The Bikernet Judge
1. We can produce and publish articles on your products as quickly as you can supply us with parts or product information. 2. For as long as you are a sponsor, all your articles are available to the entire world of motorcycling - absolutely free. 3. We can ...
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Bikernet Banners For Your Use

Select A Banner To Fit Your Site

By Bandit with art from the Bikernet Staff
Here is a vast selection of banners from our staff of famous artists and photographers. Feel free to use these on your site to promote Bikernet or in exchange for your links on our site. The first banners were created by terrific girl photog Sam Dixon. He also designed ...
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Bikernet Radio

Benefits and Rates For Bikernet Radio Advertising

By Bob Osias
I. Program Overview The Bikernet Radio program provides advertising sponsors with an opportunity to target and optimize advertising dollars while driving incremental traffic to their We...
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